MISCREANT - the band from UFA (RUSSIA) was formed in 1993 by Dementy (vocals/guitars) and Dead (guitar). Some musicants were joined and completed the line-up and the band started to play music that makes satisfied - brutal death metal with an grind touches and melodic solo - guitars. In 1994, Dementy decided to play on drums after various problems with drummers. At the same time they got a new guitar player Rahit.

Persistent work over perfection of music continues. But band was still searching for a vocalist, because it was very hard for Dementy to combine the playing drums and vocals parts. Subsequently bassist Shmel joint the army.

In summer days of 1995 a new vocalist Gosha was recruited after numerous additions about singers. Bass players were used as session ones. In January 1996 MISCREANT recorded debut demo called "Inside The Beyond".

In February 1996 we got a new bass player Const. Persistent work over new staff continues. In January 1998 new demo "Occult Philosopy" will completed and will available.

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